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Frost & Sullivan On-Demand Webinar

Ensuring next-level collaboration
experiences when connecting a diverse
and distributed workforce.

A candid conversation with Microsoft and Poly.



In our four-part webinar, find out how technology, workstyles, workplaces, and organizational cultures are evolving to transform potential challenges into opportunities.


Episode 1: Is your organization embracing hybrid work realities?​

Panelists from Microsoft and Poly discuss known and hidden challenges that organizations face when adopting hybrid work practices — things you might consider when strategizing solutions for sustained success.


Episode 2: Do your technology investments enhance user performance and underscore your brand identity?

Panelists address the factors that are driving significant changes in user expectations. They also provide options that can help improve experiences and enhance your brand.


Episode 3: Why does an ecosystem approach matter in mobility enablement?​

It’s time to think beyond basic consumer mobile solutions. Hear expert perspectives on leveraging a multi-vendor technology ecosystem to satisfy the communications requirements of diverse workstyles and work environments.


Episode 4: Does your collaboration environment promote an equitable and inclusive culture?​

In this time of widespread skills shortages and the battle for talent, learn how to create a competitive advantage. Get tips on creating an organizational culture that attracts people and makes them want a stake in its success.

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Robert Arnold (Moderator)​

Principal Analyst, Unified Communications Frost
& Sullivan


Chuck Applegarth​

Americas Head of Microsoft Alliances Sales


Duncan Barnes​

Director, Global Microsoft Alliance for GTM and Sales


Chris Meola

NA Partner Account Manager Microsoft Teams