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Is your business well equipped to protect brands?

Step into the forefront of Brand Protection with HP Indigo’s digital security printing solutions. 

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Digital security printing solutions in one pass

The cost of counterfeiting to the global economy has exploded from five billion… to over four trillion dollars over the past 40 years*.

Today’s counterfeits don’t operate from backrooms and sell their wares in dark alleyways –they run huge-scale operations and sell falsified products on the global eCommerce platforms and well – known social media streams. In fact, counterfeit and pirated goods now account for 3.3% of all global trade.

In the battle against these frauds, it's up to print providers to protect brands and keep them a step ahead of the threat.​

Help fight counterfeiting by offering your customers the latest security solutions available in the market, designed to ensure they avoid becoming the likely target of such attacks. ​ HP Indigo Secure makes it possible to stay ahead of counterfeiters with an adaptive security shield that provides multi-layer digital amour in just one technology in just one pass.

“Implementing security features is extremely easy on our end. It’s just like adding another color.”​

Thor Rasmussen, Director of Sales and Marketing, American label ​

Deliver multilayered, personalized and restricted security solutions in one pass on one press​. HP Indigo 6K Secure Press​.

As one of the world’s leading digital printing companies, HP Indigo is at the forefront of digital print security. We have developed a continuously evolving set of solutions for security printing and brand protection, based on HP Indigo LEP technology and supported by powerful global alliances.

Join a powerful security alliance, powered by HP Indigo bringing professional security to brand protection on one press in one pass. ​

Our longstanding alliances with trusted and credentialed global leaders will give you and your customers the ability to mix and match a wide range of advanced innovative plug and play elements that are easy to print and hard to copy.​

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