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HP Reinvent the Classroom Podcast

Episode 11 - Reinvent X-factor with Dr Matthew X Joseph

Episode 10 - Reinvent Skills for Innovation with Audrey Lim

Episode 9 - Reinvent Science Teaching with Kelly Hollis

Episode 8 - Reinvent Overclocking with Dino Strkljevic

Episode 7 - Reinvent Crayola with Cheri Sternman

Episode 6 - Reinvent the Classroom with Brett Salakas

Episode 5 - Reinvent STEM Assessment with Dr Eva Hartel

Episode 4 - Reinvent Written Creativity with Yvette Poshoglian

Episode 3 - Reinvent Media Literacy with Annabel Astbury

Episode 2 - Reinvent Inquiry with Kath Murdoch

Episode 1 - Reinvent Teacher Voice with Brian Aspinall

How can you Reinvent the Classroom today?


Begin your journey to reinvent the classroom by booking a Readiness Assessment with our Education Ambassador so we can understand your digital strengths and needs, which will help us develop a custom-fit solution for your school.


Our HP Education Ambassador for Australia is ready to share more about how Reinvent the Classroom Australia can work for your school.

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