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62% of employees works from more than 1 location.

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HP recommends Windows 10 Pro for business
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Solutions for at home and in the office

Nowadays we not only talk about our desk in the office, but in the same breath we also talk about our home desk; our hoffice. Both workplaces are on a par and supplement each other nicely. How about a day working in the office at a flexdesk and another day working from home?

In 2020, everything is possible and employees are able to use versatile equipment at both the office and at home. Just think of an extra (possibly portable) display, an external keyboard and mouse. With the right tools we stimulate our creativity and increase our productivity; wherever we are. HP is on board!

The best devices in the world run Windows 10 Pro.

Digital eagle's eye view

A clear picture for all your visuals

Do you see it big and are you attached to a big external screen or will you go for a smaller, portable model that you can take with you anywhere in no time? Or stronger still: a sublime, curved design that leaves nothing to the imagination. Everything for total immersion in you work! Discover the different models.

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Collaboration displays
Collaboration (also online) has never been such fun! Great picture and sound.

  • HP EliteDisplay E243m 23.8 inch Monitor
  • HP EliteDisplay E273m 27 inch Monitor

Docking displays
Go for and achieve maximum efficiency thanks to these monitors with built-in docking solutions.

  • HP EliteDisplay E223d 21.5 inch Docking Monitor
  • HP EliteDisplay E243d 23.8 inch Docking Monitor
  • HP EliteDisplay E273d 27 inch Docking Monitor

Manageability displays
Divide and conquer with these advanced displays and complete the picture.

  • HP E24d G4 FHD Advanced Docking Monitor
  • HP E27d G4 QHD Advanced Docking Monitor

Curved displays
A big screen to be able to work without disturbing factors.

  • HP EliteDisplay E273q 27 inch Monitor
  • HP EliteDisplay E324q 31.5 inch QHD Monitor
  • HP E344c 34 inch Curved Monitor
  • HP S430c 43.4 inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor

Ontdek de verscheidenheid aan displays en laat je betoveren door deze stijlvolle devices!

HP Dockings

Connect in no time and get to work

To allow employees to be even more mobile, HP developed dockings that stand out by their practical functionality and are unobtrusive at the same time thanks to their smooth, streamlined form. In no time you can connect your device to these very advanced dockings and you're connected to get to work again.


Kun je ook niet wachten om meer te weten te komen van dit staaltje technologie? Kijk dan als de bliksem naar het filmpje!


The remote work wake-up call: What we all need now

The new working-from-home reality requires business leaders and companies do everything they can to set their employees up for success.

HP EliteDisplays

Nothing is like the old fixed screens we all used when you see the HP Elite Displays. These different display types were designed based on the philosophy that everything is possible . Every task has its specific monitor.

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HP Dockings

Does it also annoy you when you see a jumble of cables? Do you want to create more workspace and put your best foot forward for a clean desk? That is all possible with the handy HP dockings!

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Reference case

Cegeka in Hasselt opened its new business lounge in 2019. This lounge meets the concept of Activity Based Workplace: create workplaces furnished specifically to carry out certain tasks. For a brainstorming session with several colleagues you need a different environment than for a space to work on your presentation quietly.



Working from home

Never before we've been working so much from home. Never before we've been searching so diligently for a balance between working from home and family. Because in our home office, we also want to work safely and productivity. And technology can help