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Need help with printing as you return to the office?


Prepare for a Safe Return to the Office

Learn how IT can enable the safe use of shared printing technology.


Touch-free has become the norm, even outside the workplace. That means as employees return to the office, they’ll expect to see safe, touch-free workflows that support social distancing and help protect everyone’s health. Check out the resources below to learn how you can make strong back-to-office plans that follow best practices and set your workplace up for success. These tools will help you:


•   Get tips for balancing productivity and social distancing in the new office

•   Learn about touch-free workflows to make printing safe

•   Explore secure, mobile printing solutions that are easy to use


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Fierce Without Footprint: An inside look at HP’s smallest Enterprise printer – the HP LaserJet Enterprise 400 Series

Hybrid work is the new normal for many organizations, and the shift to working remotely has transformed how your workforce is being managed. With the need to print from hybrid work environments evolving, managing your print fleet and ensuring all endpoints stay secure is more important than ever.


Implement Printing Solutions to Support the Return to the Office

Hear a panel of HP experts discuss how IT can facilitate a safe return to the office with solutions like touch-free printing (50-minute webinar). Show less Show more


Touch-Free Printing Solutions

HP's comprehensive touch-free printing solutions are designed for today's safety-conscious office environments. Less touch means less exposure, and that means less risk. HP's portfolio of cloud-enabled pull printing solutions, like HP Roam for Business, HP Secure Print, and HP Access Control helps build a safe, more touch-free office. Show less Show more


Deploy Touch-Free Workflows for Back to Office

Touch-free offices are the way of today. Learn best practices to keep your employees productive and secure (15-minute read).


5 Touch-Free Printing Solutions for the New Office

As employees return to the office, they’ll need safe ways to use technology. Learn about 5 ways to enhance safety by reimagining printer use (2-page guide).


Meet the Security Needs of the Distributed Workforce

Explore how to rethink cybersecurity strategies, reassess risks, and adapt security infrastructures to enable your workforce (5-page guide).