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To survive in this climate, it’s essential to reinvent yourself, respond rapidly to a dynamic market, and pursue real possibilities.

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Uncover the power of innovation and how it’s propelled recuperation efforts in past crises. Learn about print-heavy industries growing now, how digital transformation is creating new staying power for print, and where to focus your investments.

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Get instant access to the data you need to know where print is going amid global shifts. See why scientists say print isn’t going anywhere—not matter how digital we get—and what segments are set to grow.

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Act now to unlock the ability to meet the emerging demands of a fast-changing market and capture the growth propelling the industry forward.

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Don’t wait around for old growth to make a comeback. Get in tune with the top consumer trends that are driving print customers to digital presses—and creating new opportunities for real growth in commercial printing.

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Get a snapshot of the industry’s growth opportunities. Find out what’s getting print customers to pay higher for digital-printed works and what features of digital presses can help you stay competitive.

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With reinvention as our guiding principle, we’ve helped HP Indigo customers achieve 2x the growth of adopters of other digital presses.

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Make the most of your transition to digital with boundless expansion capabilities, instant ROI, and unparalleled service and support. Find out why HP Indigo customers are growing at double the rate of adopters of other digital presses and how you can, too.

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