Government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels have had to quickly adapt to remote work, while in many cases handling increased demand for their services. This has left many agencies and departments hurrying to keep up. HP has developed resources specifically for IT professionals throughout the government to help enable remote work, modernize IT, increase citizen engagement, and handle mission-critical workloads.


FCW CDM Summit - Access Management Best Practices

The Continuous Diagnostic & Mitigation program has matured and broadened its offerings significantly. Learn from program executives and agency users what the new capabilities are and how agencies are deploying them. Watch now.


Moving at the Speed of Data: The science of better decision-making

As states and localities face ongoing disruptions from the pandemic and the economic downturn, they’re being tested like never before. One critical way to help handle these new challenges is by employing better data science. Watch now.


How has ransomware evolved within government agencies?

How has ransomware evolved, and how can government IT prepare for these growing threats? Watch this video to hear insights from two industry experts. Watch now.


What We Know Now: Teleworking Securely During COVID-19

Why a zero trust approach to securing your agency's enterprise endpoints has never been more difficult – or more important. Watch now.


Closing the Endpoint Security Gap: The Crucial Role of Printers in Securing Your Environment

Printers are a crucial part of the conversation around endpoint security – learn how HP can be part of the solution for securing managed print. Watch now.


Best Practices for Helping You Adapt to the New Normal

Learn about HP’s successful adaptation to the new normal and how government employees can effectively and securely work from home. Watch now.


A Better Way to Repel Cyber Attacks

Learn more about federal cybersecurity challenges & solutions and how to ensure the integrity of enterprise infrastructures. Watch now.

Securing Endpoints in a Work-From-Home World

Securing Endpoints in a Work-From-Home World

In the blink of an eye, thousands of public sector workers have become work-from-home employees. Learn how to secure your enterprise endpoints while enhancing cyber visibility in the months ahead. Watch the video.


What is the current state of security within government agencies?

IT has changed rapidly in 2020. Has security kept up? In this video, you'll hear from experts about the state of security in government agencies and what you can expect in the future. Watch now.


FCW Modernization Summit - Executive Insights: Next Generation Security

Security has undergone a whole new series of changes at a very high speed in the last six months. Learn about the type of adjustments the experts are seeing. Watch now.



Secure, Connected Employees, Resilient Agencies

Secure, Connected Employees, Resilient Agencies


In this infographic, explore some of the technologies that can reimagine workspaces and help agencies ensure that employees are connected, productive, collaborative and secure. Read more.

The Safety Net – Responding to teleworker’s cyber needs

The Safety Net – Responding to teleworker’s cyber needs


As the teleworker and remote access culture set in, organizations must re-define their cybersecurity approach and monitor user workflow on untrusted or malicious networks. Read more.


5 Ways Government IT Leaders Can Tap AI To Boost Security


Explore the potential of AI and quantum computing for IT security purposes, embrace data challenges on the horizon and keep pace with rapidly changing threats. Read more.


Deep-Learning-Backed Security Tools Are The Next Step On The Path To More Secure Federal Endpoints


As the IoT continues to mature and workforces become more mobile, hackers and other malicious actors find themselves in a world with a wealth of endpoints to exploit. This proliferation of endpoints can more difficult than ever for agencies and IT teams to pinpoint and to respond to attacks. Read more.


Enterprise Security in the New Normal of Teleworking


Remote work will be a major part of the state and local government for the foreseeable future – perhaps even permanently. Securing that environment requires an effective enterprise solution that takes a holistic approach to security across software, hardware and firmware to secure devices and ensure data protection and privacy. Read more.


Managed Print Services and the Role of Printers in Endpoint Security


It’s more important than ever for states and localities to secure all their endpoints. Governments have traditionally focused on PCs, laptops and mobile devices connected to their networks. But printers are just as crucial to endpoint security. Read more.


The Connected Employee: Ensuring the Security and Resilience of Government Operations


Amid the recent public health crisis, the world of work has changed in sudden and dramatic ways that are challenging the security and resiliency of workplace infrastructure. Now, government organizations are trying to understand and deal with the aftermath of the pandemic. Read more.


A New Age of Security: State and Local Governments Gear Up for a Remote Future


State and local agencies can integrate a smart and sustainable security strategy into their agency’s remote operations. Read more.

Endpoint Security for Government Agencies Managing Remote Workers

Endpoint Security for Government Agencies Managing Remote Workers


Remote work is new normal for many government agencies. Find out what steps you can take to ensure endpoint security, protect government data, and enable safe work outside the office. Read more.

Accelerated Digital Transformation for Government Agencies

Accelerated Digital Transformation for Government Agencies


The current pandemic may speed up the adoption of cloud computing, AI, and security upgrades in government. Could this happen at your agency? Learn more about these trends. Read more.

Work-From-Home Print Resources From HP

Work-From-Home Print Resources From HP


Solve remote work printing challenges with these resources to help you select the right printers, handle maintenance, and manage your printer fleet remotely. Read more.