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As companies navigate changes, IT professionals must address the challenges of a larger remote workforce. Remote work poses productivity, connectivity, and security issues for employees and IT, often on a daily basis. Check out these resources designed to help you adapt to these changes and find lasting solutions for remote workers.


Blue is the New Green: The Role Tech Plays in a Sustainable Future

Today, companies know they need to focus on purpose as well as profit - to have a positive impact in the lives of people we work with, the communities we're part of, and the planet we all share. Learn how the technology that you choose has a big part to play in that story.
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Exploring the Evolution of the Workplace

As the workplace evolves, IT continues to play a critical role, enabling various workstyles while addressing new challenges and demands. Watch HP leaders, Dan Salzman and Ron Guerrier, along with Phil Kirschner on for a look into workplace trends and how IT is shaping the future. .


Sustainable Impact: Leveraging sustainability trends and IT Innovation to reduce risks and strengthen your business

This webinar features HP’s Clara Carrière, & Stephanie Balaourous, VP, Group Director at Forrester. They discuss advice to help organizations develop strategies and actions to help mitigate the risks of climate change. .


Facilitate Productivity With A Human-Centric Approach To Technology

This webinar features HP's Ivette Dunaway, and Andrew Hewitt, Analyst at Forrester. They take deep-dive into the latest technology trends impacting how companies think about enabling their workforce with a human-centric approach. .


Evolve Your Technology Organization Through Information, Integration, and Inspiration

This webinar features HP's CIO, Ron Guerrier, and Andrew Hewitt, an Analyst at Forrester. They discuss how technology leaders can lead their organization into the future of work. .


The Future of Work is Already Here

This webinar features two experts in the future of work: Andrew Hewitt (Forrester) and Loretta Li-Sevilla (HP). They share the four shocks impacting the future of work, where we are now, and the future of work in the new normal. Watch now.


What is the New Normal for Collaboration and Conferencing?

What is the new normal for collaboration and video conferencing? Hear best practices for the era of remote work in this 15-minute video. Watch now.


How HP is Adapting to the New Normal

This webinar features HP leaders who share how they have addressed three key areas: keeping employees engaged, enabling our remote workforce, and accelerating digital transformation. Watch now.


What Does the Future of Work Look Like?

How can IT best provide the necessary technical support, security, and devices to enable the future of work? Watch as HP experts discuss IT's new normal. Watch now.


New Norm: The Surge of Collaboration Between In-office & Remote Workers

Our HP experts in collaboration address managing mixed workplace environments, cultural acceptance for remote work business continuity, and enabling collaboration spaces in the office. Watch now.



orrester Report: The State of Remote Work, 2020

Forrester Report: The State of Remote Work, 2020


In this report, Forrester explores how the pandemic highlights the benefits of remote work, the largest barriers to successful remote work programs, and formulating a plan for your remote work strategy. Read more.


Driving Sustainable Transformation


IT leaders have an opportunity to lead the sustainability agenda while innovating for a fast-changing workforce. Read more.


Set employees up for success, wherever work happens


Learn about workspace set-up ideas for a range of scenarios to help employees stay connected and productive in every situation. Read now.


Seven ways to help employees feel their best


Now that more people are transitioning from temporary WFH arrangements to longer-term or rotating WFH, learn how to create more thoughtful arrangements that support wellbeing, comfort, and productivity. Read now.


Key factors that drive wellbeing for WFH employees


Explore how recent workplace shifts have put pressure on people’s minds and bodies–and how IT plays a big role in helping people adapt. Read now.


Two easy upgrades: A transformed WFH experience


Learn how two products–an external monitor and a docking station–can help people be more productive, focused, and comfortable, wherever work might be. Read now.


Candid conversations: HR and IT professionals talk about the changing workplace


With the sudden rise of remote work, HR and IT must now even more deeply coordinate efforts to deliver a positive, secure, and productive work environment for a workforce destined to be more and more remote. See what HR and IT professionals have identified as the five areas where their collaborations are now more critical than ever. Read now.


As the workplace evolves, IT is leading the way


While the current challenges of the workplace may be unprecedented, so too are the opportunities. Learn about four areas to focus on to face the challenges and make the most of the opportunities of today. Read now.


Business PCs built for the anywhere workplace


The new reality of work means that things may not go back to “normal” for a while—and your teams need PCs that can adapt to in-office, at-home, and offsite scenarios, or a mixture of them all. See the six ways HP Elite PCs can help you adapt to the workplace evolution. Read now.

Prepare for the Future of Work

Prepare for the Future of Work


Enabling seamless transitions between working remotely and working in the office should apply to more than just crisis situations. Read more.

Remote Workstation Solutions for Power Users

Enabling a Remote Workforce: A Guide for IT


Learn what steps IT should take to help remote employees work effectively with the best hardware, collaboration tools, and support. Read more.

Remote Workstation Solutions for Power Users

Accelerating Digital Transformation to Optimize Remote Work


Will 2020 be the year enterprise digital transformation speeds up? Learn what steps IT can take to make it happen. Read more.

IT strategies for helping workers stay flexible and focused

IT strategies for helping workers stay flexible and focused


Like most business leaders, you’ve had a lot on your plate this year—overseeing remote access and virtual meeting apps, solving new security issues, and trying to make do with aging or outdated PC hardware. Read more to learn how to lead your workforce forward. Read more.

Collaborating in the New Normal: The surge of connecting rooms and people

Collaborating in the New Normal: The surge of connecting rooms and people


While companies scrambled to adapt to remote work as a new norm for their workforce with the onset of the pandemic, another level of collaboration transformation will be required when offices re-open. Learn tips on how to prepare for the surge of connecting workspaces with remote workers. Read more.

Device as a Service for the Future Workplace with Vinicius David

Device as a Service for the Future Workplace with Vinicius David


The ecosystem of work has been profoundly affected by recent events. Learn how modern enterprises are adopting Device as a Service (DaaS) to reduce IT expenses on device procurement and deployment, to cater to the business demands in the new normal. Listen now.

Empowering Today’s Anytime Anywhere Workforce

Empowering Today’s Anytime Anywhere Workforce


Work from home has quickly become a necessity and has intensified pressure on IT teams. Explore the best ways to support at-home workers at scale using the right devices and security tools. Read more.

The remote work wake-up call: What we all need now

The remote work wake-up call: What we all need now


Working from home is new for the majority of employees, and many don’t have a dedicated workspace. Learn how to set employees up for success with the right tools, secure access to company data, and schedule flexibility. Read more


HP Tips for Working From Home


Learn how to set up a remote work environment that supports physical health, maximizes productivity, secures company data, and allows employees to maintain personal connections in this infographic. Read more.


Enabling Power Users


For those working in compute-hungry occupations like animators, developers, and data scientists, a home office workstation may not provide the power they need. HP's The Power of Z solutions solve this problem by making high-performance computing possible from any device, anywhere.


Providing High-Power Computing Resources for Data Scientists

How can you give data scientists the computing power they need, even when they're working from home? HP ZCentral Remote Boost makes it simple. Watch now.


Providing High-Power Computing Resources for Creators

Support your remote creative workers with access to the computing power they need. Learn how the right tools can help them get work done. Watch now.


The Power of Z from Anywhere

See how you can centralize your high-compute performance and allow power uses to work on graphics-intensive projects from any location. Watch the HP The Power of Z from Anywhere video. Watch the video.


Behind the Innovation – The Power of Z Remote Boost

Enable employees outside the office to collaborate with a remote desktop application that feels like a real local experience. Watch how you can harness the power of Z from any device. Watch the video.



Remote Workstation Solutions for Power Users

Remote Workstation Solutions for Power Users


Your power users need a high-performance boost. Put them back to work with ZCentral Remote Boost software. Read more.

Evolve With Your Data

Evolve With Your Data


As datasets grow larger, unraveling meaningful insights can be time-consuming and costly. Powered by our advanced data science solution, you can now explore multi-billion-record datasets in real time. Read more.

Powerful Rigs For Powerful Ideas

Powerful Rigs For Powerful Ideas


Say goodbye to stuttering and screen glitches. Edit your work and render multi-layered files with NVIDIA GeForce™ and certified Quadro® graphics, optimized for stability and performance with professional software apps like Adobe. Read more.

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