3D Printing Education Curriculum

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1. Design for innovation and sustainability

Understand how additive manufacturing will align with megatrends and help foster innovation by acquainting yourself and your students with the available 3D printing technologies.


2. Industrie 4.0

Dive deep into Industrie 4.0 and the relevant areas of additive manufacturing in order to discover how digital production enabled by 3D printers will dramatically change the product development and product life cycles.


3. HP MJF in the existing manufacturing spectrum

Understand how additive manufacturing fits into the manufacturing technologies space. Compare traditional manufacturing technologies and their capabilities for industrial production.


4. Design for technical material properties

Examine existing parts and discuss how they can be transformed for additive manufacturing. Use resources such as use cases to learn how to overcome the limitations and restrictions of traditional technologies and get acquainted with the design basics for additive manufacturing.


5. Practical modeling

Go deeper with real use cases featuring part redesigns that showcase the potential of additive manufacturing. Discuss how the technology will allow for changes to parts and even complete assemblies and learn how to transition from solely adapting existing parts for additive manufacturing to designing functional parts.


6. Advanced design considerations for MJF Printing

Learn about the design guidelines for HP MJF and what to consider when designing parts not only for additive manufacturing but also for a specific technology.


7. Adapting projects to real-world requests

Learn how scaling for volume relates to designing for a process when it comes to 3D printing technology. Using technical use cases as resources, students can apply their knowledge and design their own parts. These skills will allow them to use everything they have learned so far and grow an idea into a 3D printed part that they can hold in their hands.


8. Business case

Learn about the economic factors, cost drivers, and external impact of additive manufacturing. Understand a near future vision of additive manufacturing in real-world production and current trends that impact the economics and thus the adoption of 3D printing in general and HP MJF more specifically.


What's in a module?

Modules include slides, speaker notes, images and videos.


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