HP Jet Fusion 3D Color Printing enables Fiskars to create high-quality, color prototypes of gardening tools

Customer at a glance

Fiskars has grown from its namesake village in Finland to a global company that makes ergonomic home and gardening tools, and serves as a parent company to other international brands such as Waterford Crystal, Royal Copenhagen, and Gerber Knives. The ergonomic designs of Fiskars tools can help prevent the development of conditions like arthritis.

Fiskars commits to developing quality products by requiring anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 testing cycles and spending up to 2 years to develop each product.

The challenge

“Prior to having access to 3D printing machines, our design teams would either have to wait several weeks for machined protypes to be fabricated and shipped from China, or expend significant sums of money to have sample parts machined in-house or by third parties within the United States,” said Sara Kasbekar, Design Engineer at Fiskars. The time and costs involved in these processes were two of the main setbacks that prompted Fiskars to look for other prototyping solutions.

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