HeyGears produces more comfortable, more versatile orthotics with HP 3D Printing

Customer at a glance

HeyGears is an innovation-driven technology company whose core competencies are 3D printing applications and digital intelligent manufacturing technologies. The company builds a complete service ecosystem by integrating hardware, software, material science, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide their customers with intelligent manufacturing solutions and high-quality end products powered by 3D printing technology.

HeyGears’ vast digital manufacturing solutions, services, and business models have been applied in health and medicine, consumer goods, and electronics, among other industries.


According to HeyGears, traditional orthosis manufacturing processes can be complicated and often result in parts with poor precision, causing uneven pressure on the tissue and friction that can lead to redness and blisters on the patient’s skin. To ensure proper treatment and recovery from injuries, patients need orthotic devices that are both static and dynamic, as well as comfortable.

After studying the technology for 2 years, HeyGears installed their first HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solutions in September 2019 and have since produced lightweight and precise orthotic devices in large builds, while staying at the forefront of the latest orthopedic treatment technologies and improving patient experiences.

“3D printed rehabilitation orthoses make up for the problems of traditional orthosis production, making it possible to make the orthosis more comfortable and more versatile,” says Yi Nan, Designer at Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University.