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Nivellmedical is the company behind the “nivellipso solution”, an aesthetic alternative to fixed braces. The aligner system works with nearly invisible plastic splints that gently—but effectively—move teeth to the desired position.
Every nivellipso treatment case is based on a series of custom-made, removable splints made of biocompatible plastic.

The Challenge

Each patient case can require between 10 and 15 treatment steps, and each of these steps consists of three dental arch aligners, per jaw. The entire treatment involves the use of approximately 30 aligners and 10 molds to produce the aligners. Single aligners are produced using a thermoforming process on 3D printed molds.

In using previous 3D printing technologies to create the molds for these dental aligners, parts would break due to poor mechanical properties and anisotropy along the Z axis. Therefore, nivellmedical needed a way to produce molds that could withstand the high heat conditions of the thermoforming process (with temperatures between 150° and 160°C) while also decreasing production time and saving costs for the large number of aligners they needed to create for each case.

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