ORTHO-TEAM Group chooses HP 3D Printing as an innovation partner for future growth

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Based in Bern, Switzerland, ORTHO-TEAM Group is a leading innovative medical technology service provider in all disciplines of orthopedics and rehabilitation technology.

HP 3D Printing as an innovation partner

ORTHO-TEAM Group has been using additive manufacturing since 2014, and in 2019 they opened their own 3D printing center featuring HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology.

“We chose HP Multi Jet Fusion technology to ensure that we can produce consistent, accurate parts, 24 hours a day,” said Daniel Gelbart, Managing Director of ORTHO-TEAM Group.

The customization capabilities of HP MJF technology allow the group to design orthoses that not only cater to individual treatment needs but also enhance comfort for the patients who wear the devices.

ORTHO-TEAM Group also collaborates with universities and technical colleges to integrate digital features such as microchips and sensors to analyze gait, which can potentially improve treatment outcomes.

“We chose HP as an innovation partner because we are convinced that HP’s global network can support our future growth,” Gelbart said.