Dustin Kloempken: After shutting down an energy start-up due to the fallout from the great recession of 2008, Dustin has since been active around the world advancing the undeniable impact of additive manufacturing. He has collaborated with automotive companies to cut lead times from 6 months to 1 month. He once cut 2000 hours of print time down to 1 week so that a Comicon creature could appear on the Jimmy Kimmel live show. And he has printed the world’s largest mustache to boot! It seems there is no limit to how 3D printing technology will impact the future, and Dustin is very excited about this prospect.

Kyle Harvey leads Extol's Additive Manufacturing Business Unit and is a member of Extol's Executive Leadership Team. Kyle helps forward-thinking companies create value with Additive Manufacturing by pursuing innovation through the lens of Human Centered Design and Agile Product Development. His previous roles at Extol include applications engineering, manufacturing, product management, and marketing. Kyle is passionate about bringing clarity to the complex, building a great team, and designing products, services, and experiences that people love.