Prensilia and Elastico Disegno bring functionality and aesthetics to robotic prosthetics with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

Customers at a glance

Prensilia is an offshoot of Scuola Sant’Anna di Pisa founded in 2009, which manufactures artificial hands and sells them to companies that specialize in prosthetic devices and research.

With academic research backgrounds, members of Prensilia’s team benefit from a combination of academics and business that makes Prensilia one of the few profitable companies in the business of low-volume artificial hands, producing dozens of devices per year with exceptional functionalities and aesthetics.

Elastico Disegno is a design and innovation consultancy company established in Torino (Italy) in 1998.

Contracted by Prensilia to bring design and aesthetics to their robotic arms, Elastico Disegno helped Prensilia to fully employ 3D printing to accelerate product development.


In 2012, Prensilia set a goal to develop a robotic hand that was lightweight, highly functional, aesthetically attractive, and structurally sound in order to protect the device’s internal mechanical and electronic components, with minimal costs for small-series production. Such a challenge would require Elastico Disegno—contracted by Prensilia—to overcome the limitations of traditional production methods and other filament-based 3D printing technologies, such as the inability to perfectly adapt the external covers to the shape of internal mechanics, while maintaining an exceptional surface quality.

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