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HP Latex Open House: Vehicle Wrapping meets HP Wrap Camp at PressOn Automotive

Immerse yourself in a day dedicated to vehicle wrapping!

March 13th 2024 @PressOn Automotive

Why Attend?

At HP, we believe in bringing innovation directly to you! This day is filled with an exclusive agenda that covers the full Vehicle Wrapping segment tailored to your needs.
Join us for this Open House event where you'll get a unique opportunity to delve into the elaborated world of wrapping techniques, innovation and learn from vehicle wrapping specialists.

What to expect on March 13th HP Wrap Camp at PressOn Automotive

Join us for a day of learning, networking, and redefining the standards of vehicle wrapping with live vehicle wrapping demos.
PressOn Automotive recently launched their innovative vehicle wrapping and PPF solutions Service in Whitstable and are offering their brand-new premises for this day to showcase:

  • In-depth walkthrough of the full end to end process: From printing to laminating, cutting, and finally wrapping on a vehicle
  • No waiting time with HP Latex - By choosing HP Latex technology, you can remove the need to de-gas your vinyl prints before you install them. HP Latex prints are dry straight from the printer, ready to be laminated or installed immediately after leaving the print tray.
  • Vehicle wrapping with safety in mind: HP Latex printer use water-based inks and offers print operators a safer working environment, given that there are no HAPs emitted during print.
  • Paige Walton, owner of S6 Customs and The Vehicle Wrapping Academy who will be showcasing live wrapping on a vehicle

Event Date:
March 13th 2024

Event Location:
PressOn Automotive
Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate


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