Packaging is driving marketing ROI

Attract brand decision-makers with quantitative, industry-proven data

Recent research from the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) shows that packaging is the 2nd most effective media channel (just after videos) — but 95% of brands are unaware or resistant to the opportunity.

From allowing a more flexible approach to individual markets, to building brand affinity through personalization, digitally-printed packaging is driving metrics like sales, market penetration and ROI.

A new report from WARC and HP: Driving marketing effectiveness through digital packaging, details themes impacting marketers decision-making, and dives into case studies from brands including Coca-Cola, Hershey’s and Lays to unpack the proven results of a more strategic approach to packaging.

You’ll gain an understanding of:

The role of product packaging in the media mix.
Using variable, contextual or special edition packaging to measure campaign metrics.
The use of emotion, storytelling and user-generated content in digital packaging.
Returns for leading brands of integrating digital packaging into their long-term brand-building strategies.

Download the report now to get the data and resources to remove digital adoption barriers and educate brand decision-makers about how they can leverage digital packaging for marketing growth.